Databases can benefit practically any business that needs to handle information. The gathering, processing, and use of information relating to the operations of a business in a structured and controlled manner is key to many aspects of modern business efficiency and success.

The information gathered over time is extremely valuable as it can show how the business is performing, trends in customers' purchases, profits on products, distribution timescales etc. Correct analysis of this information can help to highlight sales trends, customer purchasing patterns, operational failings and structure future strategies.

The type of database system or tool that you require depends on a number of factors, such as:

  • the quantity of data to be stored and processed
  • the complexity of the data involved, eg plain text, images, media files
  • the simultaneous accessibility of the data for both reference and editing by multiple users
  • a requirement to integrate with other IT systems

DeBoyce specialises in very powerful relational databases also known as "structured" databases. Our databases are designed with maximum efficiency, to rapidly retrieve, sort and edit your data in many different ways. We design databases so that they can be integrated into the company's whole operation, eg administration, marketing, website, production, distribution, sales and HR departments. We work with our clients to specifically tailor databases to meet their precise requirements, including creating "ad hoc" enquiries of the data and highly specific reports or analysis as required.

The Advantages of relational over flat-file databases:

  • Dramatically improved speed of data retrieval
  • Easier to maintain
  • Avoids the replication of data
  • Faster sorting and filtering of data
  • Capacity and flexibility to cope with an expansion of business
  • Smaller file sizes
  • Ideal for frequent and heavy use.

We realize for many businesses a database can be a large investment, in company direction, time and cost. That's why we develop tailor-made solutions specific to your business requirements. All systems are designed so that they can be expanded to incorporate new features as and when they are required, giving you total flexibility and control. If you are not sure of your requirements we provide a consultancy service to help to advise you.

Databases are charged according to the size and complexity required not by the number of users or an annual basis. Prices start from 1500 plus VAT.

All databases come with 3 months technical support. An annual technical support contract is optional.

Training is available at 500 plus VAT per day.

Why use Deboyce?

We have been established for over 18 years and have a broad range of experience in the following industries.

Manufacturing industry

Publishing industry

Market Research Industry

Event Organisation Industry

Financial Industry

Leisure Industry

We pride ourselves on our high levels of Customer Satisfaction and are committed to providing top quality, cost effective products.

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Examples Databases Developed by DeBoyce

Please scroll through some of the featured databases below to find out more:-

Bespoke Furniture Manufacturing Company

A customer database was prepared to track all aspects of business from enquiry through manufacturing to delivery and after sales service.

Marconi Sailing Club

A membership database was developed to track the status of club members and their subscriptions.

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