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DeBoyce provides Online Services to make life easier for Businesses. We remove the worries and expenses of buying and maintaining your own servers, by hosting Online Services for full access and use by our clients.

We currently off the following services:

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Hosted Website Exhibition Catalogue Production Management System:

If you are looking to update your Show Guide entry system, but don't have the financial budget to purchase all the computer equipment or have the resources to managed such a system, our hosted Website Exhibition Catalogue Production Management System provides you with all the facilities you need.

We provide a Website Service where we enable you to create your own Exhibition Catalogue Exhibitor Entry site, which can be branded to your specific exhibition.

Each site has it's own registration system which enables your exhibitors to register to obtain their own login and password.

You will have full access to create your own catalogue content fields, eg, Stand details, Company Names, Address, telephone, fax, email, website, company description with options to restrict the number of words allowed, product or company categories and logos.

Once you have setup your criteria for the Exhibition Catalogue you can go live with it and your exhibitors will be able to log in and enter all their details for their entry in the catalogue.

You will have Administrator access to read the entries, edit them as necessary and approve them. This will also enable you to have full control over any stand changes or amendments to the Exhibitor status.

The system has full history details stored for each Exhibitor enabling you to clearly identify when Exhibitors have registered, when they have submitted their entry, what stage they have reached in the input of their details, any reminders they have received and any queries they have raised.

Once the entry in the catalogue has closed, the information will be either available for downloading for laying out for the printers, or we can provide a publishing service for you.

We are also able to provide a service where the exhibitor details appear on the Exhibition Website with search facility for visitors to identify the relevant exhibitors they need to seen before visiting the exhibition.

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